The older – the younger. I make the body believe that it is younger!” said Samantha in “Sex and the City”.

I stopped going to school because of my acne. I was tremendously intimidated for it.” – says Cassandra, 19 years old girl from San Francisco, California. The video she posted on youtube has gained over 21 million views. Cassandra “made it her mission” to help others.

Who and what makes a woman beautiful?

waamps-woman-beautyBeauty is a subjective characteristic of a person. Fundamental knowledge of facial proportions comes to us from ancient times, just as the vision of the artistic aspects of beauty.

When people age, the thickness of subcutaneous fat layer not only decreases, it moves to the lower part of the face, changing the triangle of youth to triangle of age. Skin is the largest organ of human body but it is the most neglected. Tanning, smoking, sleeping with face pressed to the pillow, weight changes all cause skin to droop and look wrinkled.

What modern aesthetic medicine has to offer to women who want to stay young without surgery?

waamps-womanAesthetics unfortunately is not included in medical school education. Therefore, there are not too many physicians with special aesthetic understanding of human beauty. In addition to aesthetic education is no less important the result of the treatment, in which a woman should look not only natural, but also fit for her age.

There is a unique opportunity to acquire everything from one place – The World Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery.

You will:

Receive Modern Fundamental Aesthetic Education

Gain First hand experience

Complete training in 5 days

Earn American Standards and World Diploma

Come and join us in Hong Kong. You receive everything you need for your aesthetic medicine practice!



Life Time Achievement Award, 2012
Patients Choice Award California's Favorite Physician 2010
Leading Health Professional of the World, 2011
Man of the Year 2012
The 100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons of the World, 2008
Most Compassionate Doctor 2010
Hall of Fame for Distinguished Accomplishment in Plastic Surgery,2012
Life Time Achievement Award, 2012
International President Award 2013
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